Tick-Tock Tick-Tock…Boom

As the days go by I wonder, how many are there left?
An air of Doom I feel, of this world I am bereft

It’s not if you’ll die, it is when and how
How you’ll leave this world, end the here and now

I watch the news and think, what a pack of lies
How long can this go on, before your own demise?

The possibility is good, it will be in World War Three
In atomic fire you’ll burn, an end to all your glee

We teeter on the brink, the brink of World War Three
TOTAL devastation! And from a death you cannot flee

If you’re not killed instantly, you will wish you were
To the radiation you’ll succumb, this you can’t defer

Three weeks you’ll have to live, and Death you can’t postpone
Radiation radiation, this will make you moan

The Wrath of God’s upon you, damnation from on High
With atomic fire you’ll burn, before the bye and bye

Anguish you will suffer, pain and agony
Then where will you go…to Purgatory?

You’ll go straight to HELL! You’ll receive your just reward
Sin and Greed and Lust, were your only lord


Check the References [1]

There is a Day approaching, a Day approaching fast
Called the Tribulation, Seven years this Day will last (Dan 9:24)

World knows but doesn’t care, Noah saw these days (Luke 17:26)
Don’t disturb your baseball game…till the World is set ablaze

In one short hour one short hour, Destruction Death and more (Rev 18:17)
On this world and nation, God’s wrath will surely pour

Too late too late too late, to repent and weep and cry
You were warned and warned, in your sins you’re going to die (John 8:21)

But God is lovey-dovey, this just cannot be! (John 3:16)
Behold the Man of Sin, welcome him with glee (2 Thess 2:3) (Rev 13:3-4)

Worship him and take his Mark, and forever burn in Hell (Rev 14:9-10)
For filthy filthy lucre, your soul you’re going to sell (1 Tim 6:10)

[1] Use a KJV ONLY

Word Number 7

Daniel wrote of this, one week is yet to come
Week seven-oh, to this week you will succumb

The time of Jacob’s Troubles, of woe and pain and doom
This week will be upon you, this week is coming soon

It will start with an invasion, after World War Three
An invasion of the aliens, you will worship them with glee

They will bring the Man of Sin, the despot with one eye
You will take his Mark, you will take it or you’ll die

World War Three is the destruction, destroyed is Babylon
In Atomic Fire, the Great Whore will burn and will be gone

Jeremiah wrote of this, chapters fifty fifty-one
In just one hour, all her rot will be undone

But you don’t have to worry, you’ll fly up in the air
You’ll meet your lovey-dovey “Geezus” [1], you won’t have a care

You’re a lovey-dovey Kristian, you’re so holy and so pure
You’re religious SHIT! Your doctrine is a slur

You said the sinners prayer, so why are you still here?
Could it be your Geezus, is a lire and a queer

Paul wrote two letters, to the Church that is at Corinth
Read the second letter…the one that you abhorreth

Chapter number one-one, the verse is number four
Read them to your Geezus, the one that you adore

What’s the 7th word? [1] Are you too dumb to read?
Go ahead and burn in Hell, you should have taken heed

[1] 2 Cor 11:4 – For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.


The Antichrist the Man of Sin “that Wicked” soon will come
The whole world wonders after him, to his witchcraft they succumb

For three years and a half, he will have his way
Worship him receive his Mark, or you he’s going to slay

In Jerusalem his thrown will be, in Temple number three
A Cohort he does have, worship them on bended knee

His Cohort came from Rome, he wears a “holy” ring
Does lying signs and wonders, “salvation” he does bring

Two men whose garb is sackcloth, witness day and night
The Man of Sin does HATE them, from the Scriptures they do site

“That Wicked” has them killed, all the people shout for joy
For three days and a half they lay, happy are the goy

But alas what ho is this! They arise upon their feet
To Heaven they’re caught up, their mission is complete

Rear the Book of Daniel, chapter number twelve
Verse ten plus one, into this you need to delve

“THE ABOMINATION” is set up, from that day start to count
The LORD will set His feet, upon the Temple Mount

To one thousand days add ninety, then add two hundred more
Every eye will see Him! He will fight the Armageddon War

Lake of Fire

Did you ever ponder when you’ll die, bid this world farewell?
Will you go to Heaven? Or will you burn in Hell?

Are you afraid of death? To know your destiny?
You’ll be sent to Hell…Will you beg on bended knee?

Too damn late you piece of shit, go watch Family Guy
You’ll be there with Larry Singer…weep and wail and cry!

So smoke another joint, snort a line of crack
Better yet better yet, main-line a jolt of smack

Abraham will see you, across the Gulf he’ll look [1]
Along side the Rich Man, forever there you’ll cook

Call for Lazarus, his sores are all now healed
He’ll say hi, I remember you…your damnation not repealed

Shortly you’ll be moving, you and every other liar
You’ll be cast alive…into the Lake of Fire! [2]

[1] Like 16:26
[2] Rev 20:15

Pay Attention to the Grammar

The Book that is the last, would do you well to read
The last book of the Bible, read it and take head

Chapter ten plus three, spells out a cleaver scheme
Take the MARK take it….be damned to the extreme

Who is the “he” that causeth all, all to take the MARK?
Pay attention to the grammar…it’s very plane and stark

The False Prophet is the “he”, not the Antichrist
Surprised surprised surprised! With him you’ll have a tryst

Follow Vie della Conciliazione, to the very west [1]
Kneel down and pray, by him you might be blessed

[1] N 41º 54′ 07.64” / E 12º 27′ 12.16”

Mock On

There are those that mock, make lite of Doom so near
Their own death and own demise, of this they have no fear

I warned and Warned and WARNED, day and night I cried
Very soon they’ll learn, what I said was not a lie

Too late too late the fools, the fools will realize
The Word of God the Word of God, is not to be despised

So mock on all you fools, FOOLS on your way to Hell
Burn forever burn Forever, in a fire you can’t quell