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2nd Thessalonians 2:10~13

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The Professor has been warned, warned and warned again
Prophesies of Doom, were written from my pen

Did he pay an ounce of heed? take to heart my warning dire?
Awaiting the Professor, are burning coals and fire

Noah built an ark, at him the people mocked
At him and his three sons, all the world gawked

Likewise Jeremiah, to a dungeon he was sent
And so it is today, no one will repent

Tell me Oh Professor, oh genius PhD
Did you read of Moses? When he parted the Red Sea?

Read the Book of Danial, he writes of seven years
Seven years of condemnation, filled with grief and pain and tears

You think the Bible is but myth, a concoction of the church
For peasants and for surfs, scorned from your high and lofty perch

Oh Luminary Sage, Oh Doktor of the mind
Study brilliant one! Truth you’ll NEVER find

Will you teach a class in Hell? Do research? Write a book?
HA! You’ll fricassee and fry, in boiling oil you’ll cook

FOREVER you will burn! FOREVER you will fry!
Too damn late too damn late…you believed a LIE! (evolution)

Three More Weeks

Planet X

August 21st, a day of Doom and Dread
God’s WRATH is soon to break, break upon your head

All the world will see, The Destroyer in the sky
Nibiru Planet X…your death is drawing nigh

Moses saw the same, the Red Sea was split in two
Chios Death Calamity, for the Egyptians did ensue

And so it is today, for HEATHENS world wide
You can run you can run, you can run but you can’t hide

Will your “jESUS” save you? To the clouds you’ll fly away?
You said the sinners prayer, but here you’re going to stay

You’re RELIGIOUS SHIT!! and Religious Shit can’t fly
Welcome to the Tribulation…kiss your ass goodby

Count 40 Days

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What happened once in Nineveh is happening today
Yet 40 days DESTRUCTION, for your SINS you’re going to pay

Nineveh repented, this nation sure will not
To the lowest Hell you’ll burn, for your corruption and your rot

In the heavens signs, them you all ignore
What are the signs? What are the signs? The signs are WORLD WAR!

Start on August 21st, now mark forty days
What day is number 40?…this country will be razed

Will you check the references? Hell no!

The calm before the storm, a stillness in the air
Will very soon be gone…a time to say a prayer [1]

There are those that are appointed, appointed unto Wrath
Let them go their way…to Damnation is their path [2]

Lift up your head and watch, look unto the sky
In the clouds He comes, your Redemption draweth nigh [3]

But Alas Alas, very few there be [4]
That will be hidden from the WRATH, that all the world will see [5]

[1] 1st Thess 5:9
[2] 2nd Thess 2:12
[3] Luke 21:28
[4] Matt 7:4
[5] Rev 3:10

Rich Man

Day by day hour by hour, ebbs away your life
Peace you will not have, only anguish pain and strife

You cannot sleep you cannot eat, your bowels you can’t control
Your wanton greed and lust, now will take their toll

In Luxury you lived, now gone forevermore
The Wrath of God the Wrath of God, will now on you be poured

Now you finally know, now you realize
That what you thought was true, were lies and lies and lies

When you finally breath your last, don’t think your anguish will abate
You’ll be sent to Hell to burn…don’t pray it’s too damn late

August 21st, 2017

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August 21st, note this day and note it well
Across this nation darkness, darkness black as Hell

An Omen of foreboding, a Harbinger of Death
I sign from God Almighty, for ALL the sons of Heth

Doom is fast approaching, ignore this if you will
There’ll be a Rider on a White Horse, your soul he’s going to kill

Go ahead and mock, pretend this isn’t so
It’s called the Tribulation…to Hell you’re going to go

I Warned You

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There are those that mock, ridicule with scorn
Oblivious to Doom, them I did forewarn

They call me a buffoon, ignorant and dumb
As clear as day I see, the things that are to come

The course that I now hold, was held by one before
The Prophet Jeremiah, wrote of Death and Bane and WAR

Was he paid an ounce of heed? So it is today
Ignore me if you will, soon God your soul will slay