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N125PL ~ Home Airport KRVS

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Attention all Instructors, sit right seat in my jet
I need you for insurance, cuz sometimes I forget

I forget to put the gear down, forget how high to climb
Forget to read the checklist…all I do is all the time

Never mind that I’m an Asshole, a Dorkwad and a Jerk
You get to ride in my new toy, and do my dirty work

On the radio you’ll talk, that’s one thing I can’t do
I’m getting old and getting dumb…what to say I have no clue

You can put down in your logbook, that a JET you flew Oh Wow!
The airlines you’ll impress…they’ll say Holy Cow!!

The Ph.D

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How much time is left? This you do not know
But you know what does await, anguish pain and woe

You can run but you can’t hide, your destiny awaits
Gone will be your riches, you will meet your fate

With NOTHING you were born, and with NOTHING you will die
Your life amounts to NOTHING!  Your Doom is drawing nigh

Your Pedigrees and Accolades…so much stinking SHIT
In the Scales you’ll be found, a lying Hypocrite


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You’re a walking corps, the stench of death you bear
Stiff and cold you soon will be, and no one’s going to care

Your rotting stinking carcass, will feed the maggots and the flies
So much dung upon the ground, they’ll welcome your demise

So pretend it isn’t so…denial is the word
Your approaching Doom, will not be differed

The CURSE that is upon you, this CURSE now eats your soul
BAHAHAHAHA declare! Before you’re burning in Sheol

It’s Time Lewicki

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Look into the mirror, what do you behold?
A senile drunken Orger. a Gnome that’s growing old

Behold yourself Lewicki! your lifestyle takes its toll
The grave for you awaits; your destiny: Seoul

Behold yourself Lewicki! Before your eyes go blind
The symptoms are apparent, the symptoms are unkind

What is done you can’t undo, now the Piper will be paid
You’ll be gone and be forgotten, when in the earth you’re laid

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For the Doctor of Psychology

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The sun is going down, the sun is almost gone
Comes the Blackness of the night…will you ever see the dawn?

You thought that you could hide, you thought that you’ed be hid
They’re coming for your soul…Demons from the Id

Behind every blade of grass, lurks a Demon for your soul
They’ll drag you down to Hell, they’ll drag you to Seoul

You’ll kick and scream in agony, too damn late for you to pray
With barbed hooks they’er going to drag, drag your soul away

You’ll be impaled on a stake, over burning flaming fire
FOREVER there you’ll burn, you and every other LIER [1]

Run call Dale Koller, ask him is this be so
For both of you awaits, anguish pain and woe

You’ll burn with Dusty Rhoades, he led the way to Hell
His gOSPEL was a FARCE! He worshiped the gOD Bel [2]


[1] Richard E Rhoades, Dale Koller, Ken Brandt, Henry Dziczkowski
[2] Galatians 1:4 ~ 8

Epitaph for the Professor

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An addiction of the noble, an addiction of the base
To the grave it leads, with shame and with disgrace

Cirrhosis of the liver, cirrhosis of the mind
The symptoms are apparent, the symptoms are unkind

You pretend it isn’t so, you pretend that all is well
But the liquid in the bottle, will send you straight to Hell

It rots away your mind, it rots away your soul
From its grips you can’t escape, it pulls you to Sheol

Failing is your health, your vitality is gone
And you do not know, if you’ll live to see the dawn

Ever ever gradually, your life does ebb away
NEVER to return, NEVER will you play

Your hair falls out your teeth fall out, Depends you must now wear
A rotting stench comes from your mouth…your grandchildren at you stare

Once you were intelligent…a Doctor PhD
Now in a drunken stupor, can’t add two and three

When you finally die, no one’s going to care
Did your money save you? Did it buy a prayer?

Sun, 13 May 1917 = 21st of Iyyar, 5677

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1917, the 13th day May
What day is this in Hebrew? Is it a day that you should pray?

Behold the Whore of Babylon, “Prayer Beads” she sells [1]
As with Baalim and with Ashtaroth, many parallels! [2]

Never mind what Jesus said [3], pray to the Virgin Whore
The 3rd Secret now will come, an Atomic World WAR! [4]

[2] Judges 10:6
[3] Matthew 6:7
[4] The Whore read Jeremiah 50&51

Matthew 6:7 ~ But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.