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Hail! Hail!! King DOG SHIT ~ Richard E Rhoades

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Behold a LYING FARCE, his name is Dusty Rhoades
He founded a Society, I call them Rhoades’s Toads [1]

Behold a LYING FARCE, a Fat Ass SACK of SHIT
Twists the Word of God, so his dOCTRINE it would fit [2]

He corrupted Holy Writ, died and went to Hell
Elymas called Barjesus, he knows him very well [3]

Hail! Hail!! Omniscient One! For Elymas carry on!
Corrupt the Word of God, just like Satan’s Pawn [4]

Hail! Hail!! Omniscient One! Believe the DOG SHIT King!
Believe his DOG SHIT gOSPLE, sALVATION it will bring! [5]

[1] The Maranatha Bible Society
[2] 2nd Peter 3:16
[3] Acts 10:6 ~10
[5] 1st Corinthians 15:3&4 with NO SCRIPTURES

The Damnation of Richard E Rhoades ~ That Way to HELL!

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Richard Edward Rhoades, you’ve finally met your fate
Your soul now burns in Hell, for you it’s too damn late

While you were on the earth, you preached Hypocrisy and LIES
My Father up above, YOU He does despise!

Sorcery and Guile, was spoken from your lips
A God Damn LIER sent from Hell! TRUTH you did eclipse

one by one, one by one, your disciples follow too
Frank Riley, Koller B, TRUTH they did eschew

Those who still remain, pretend it isn’t so
Like the FARCE that’s called Ken Brandt, to Hell they will all go

Oh how can this be? Why oh why pray tell!
“According to the scriptures”, you should have known and known damn well

BURN you God Damn FARCE! BURN you God Damn LIER!
Corrupt the Word of God: You’ll burn in Everlasting Fire

Like Elymas called Barjesus, you pervert the Lord’s right ways
A False Teacher sent from Hell, another Jesus do you praise!

Richard E Rhoades = Elymas Barjesus


There is a Cult there is a Cult, and that word is way to kind [1]
They pretend that they are “holy”, but to THE SCRIPTURES they are blind!

The Scriptures they are blind to, are spoken of by Paul
Four words that Paul wrote twice, they heed them NOT AT ALL [2]

The four words that they heed not, are from Corinthians the first
Chapter five plus ten…makes this Cult accursed

Note verses three and four, what scriptures oh pray tell?
Site them they cannot, they’re going straight to Hell! [3]

The father of this Cult, was Barjesus in the flesh [4]
He died and went to Hell, in peace he does not rest

Richard Edward Rhoades, is the FARCE of whom I write
His soul now burns in Hell, with death did God him smite

[1] The Maranatha Bible Society
[2] 1st Corinthians 15:1~4
[3] Galatians 1:8&9
[4] Acts 13:6

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