2nd Thessalonians 2:10~13

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The Professor has been warned, warned and warned again
Prophesies of Doom, were written from my pen

Did he pay an ounce of heed? take to heart my warning dire?
Awaiting the Professor, are burning coals and fire

Noah built an ark, at him the people mocked
At him and his three sons, all the world gawked

Likewise Jeremiah, to a dungeon he was sent
And so it is today, no one will repent

Tell me Oh Professor, oh genius PhD
Did you read of Moses? When he parted the Red Sea?

Read the Book of Danial, he writes of seven years
Seven years of condemnation, filled with grief and pain and tears

You think the Bible is but myth, a concoction of the church
For peasants and for surfs, scorned from your high and lofty perch

Oh Luminary Sage, Oh Doktor of the mind
Study brilliant one! Truth you’ll NEVER find

Will you teach a class in Hell? Do research? Write a book?
HA! You’ll fricassee and fry, in boiling oil you’ll cook

FOREVER you will burn! FOREVER you will fry!
Too damn late too damn late…you believed a LIE! (evolution)