Ken Brandt ~ President of the Maranatha Bible Society

Biblical Biblical Kenny follows in the footsteps of Richard E Rhoades…who took up where Elymas Barjesus left off

Be edified by the sound sound doctrine of Biblical Biblical Kenny

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 4.50.22 AM


{ ANNOUCEMENT ~ A situation has developed with my Blogs: If you Google “Ken Brandt” nothing comes up, whereas if you Google “Dale Koller” lots of hits come up. So; to give Biblical Biblical Kenny equal time ~ Click Here  and  Click Here  and  Click Here  and  Click Here.  The Biblical Biblical One will be soooooooo edified! }


3 thoughts on “Ken Brandt ~ President of the Maranatha Bible Society

  1. Hi Allan, I vistited Koller’s business page on fb recently and saw him losing his shit over some customers leaving him some less than favorable reviews. It appears he has resorted to harassment and personal attacks on these individuals. He really sounds like someone who should be teaching aka changing the Bible. Have you seen this shit show?


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    1. How Dale Koller runs his Ice Cream Truck is one thing, his most outstanding character traits are that he is a Hypocritical, Farcical, Lying pile of Religious DOG SHIT! He will preach one thing then turn right around and do exactly the opposite…just like his Idol Richard E Rhoades. Call his ass up (that is of course if it hasn’t rotted off), ask him to “Rightly Divide” Romans 1:18


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