Hey Ken Brandt ~ is this to you, for you, or about you?

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 4.50.22 AM

Do you practice what you preach? You’re a lying sack of shit!
You twist the Word of God, so your doctrine it will fit [1]

You follow Dusty Rhoades…you’ll follow him to Hell
For eternity you’ll burn, you should have known and known damn well

You should have known the Scriptures…them you do reject [2]
The same for Dale Koller…you are not Elect!

[1] 2nd Peter 3:16
[2] The last 4 words of 1st Cor 15:3&4

{Ken Brandt is the self proclaimed President of the Maranatha Bible Society}

Behold a “work of faith” by biblical biblical Kenny:


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