It’s Time Lewicki

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Look into the mirror, what do you behold?
A senile drunken Orger. a Gnome that’s growing old

Behold yourself Lewicki! your lifestyle takes its toll
The grave for you awaits; your destiny: Seoul

Behold yourself Lewicki! Before your eyes go blind
The symptoms are apparent, the symptoms are unkind

What is done you can’t undo, now the Piper will be paid
You’ll be gone and be forgotten, when in the earth you’re laid

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time Lewicki

  1. The Professor doesn’t like me (can’t imagine why), so, he fancies himself a poet and emailed me these – cut and paste from ProfB44 email

    There once was a sicko that I tried to help
    But all he wanted to do was to make children yelp
    He preferred little boys over little girls
    And he loved to do a twirl
    As he hurt them with a belt.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA… stinking piece of crap pedophile. I know who you are

    There once was a creep who liked boys
    He loved to hear them make noise
    Though he should be in jail
    Somehow he made bail
    And now has his basement full of toys

    Blog that, sicko!!!!


  2. So, I take a screen shot of the above comment and email it to the Enemanent Professor…what does he do? He sends me another one of his Dorkwad poems…Cut and Paste:

    There once was a pedophile heel
    Who loved for little boys to feel
    He told them to be quiet
    Or there would riot
    On his front porch due to the squeal

    BAHAHAHAHAHA….stinking creep


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