Preemptive Strike – From Whom On Whom

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.08.27 AM
A Prophecy of old, is about to be fulfilled
From the Book of Revelation, millions millions will be killed

Chapter nine times two, John pens “one hour” thrice
Ignore this if you will, with your soul you’ll pay the price

Only days remain…pretend it isn’t so [1]
Skip along your merry way, to Hell you’re going to go

The imminence of WAR, is the Writing on the Wall
Death Destruction Anguish Pain, will be upon us all

As in the days of Noah, so it is again
The warnings have been written, from The Revelator’s pen

But Alas Alas! No one is taking heed
Keep your heads stuck in the sand…your guts are going to bleed

One Hour it will last, I speak of WW3 [2]
One Hour of DESTRUCTION, without sympathy

This Hour brings Destruction, Chaos Death and Doom
Agony Remorse, Anguish Pain and Gloom [3]

Don’t say you weren’t warned, you read this and you mock
The world will watch you burn, ALL will at you gawk [4]

Pawel Lewicki mocks, pretends it isn’t so
Shortly he’ll find out, to Hell he’s going to go

[1] ProfB44
[2] Rev 18:17&19
[3] Jer 50:40
[4] Rev 18:10


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