Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 6.47.03 AM

Right away it doesn’t start, it takes a couple days
EVERYTHING is blown to shit! You’ll wander in a daze

The symptoms come on gradually, when they start they will not cease
You know you’re going to die, and you’ll not die in peace

All the food you had stocked up, NONE OF IT you’ll eat
You thought you were so smart. Ha! Your brains you will excrete

The vomiting then starts, you’ll puke until you’re blue
You’ll convulse and shake, and on your tongue you’ll chew

Through your ass your guts fall out, a banquet for your dog
For the genius PhD, a most fitting epilogue

For you there’ll be no grave, you’ll be dung upon the ground
What’s left of you the maggots eat, your “religion” did redound

You thought it would not come, you thought it wouldn’t be
Now lets see how smart you are…I speak of WW3


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