Month: April 2017

The 3rd Secret

Queen of Heaven

One hour it will last, I speak of WW3
The United States destroyed, what will be will be

This was Prophesied of old, Jeremiah wrote of this
Chapters 50 – 51, gone will be all bliss

Then comes a World Leader, blind in his right eye
The whole world bows to him…take his Mark or die

Seven years seven years, appointed is the time
The Wrath of God poured out, His vengeance so sublime

Will this start May 1st? In a little while we will see
Destruction Doom and Death…this most vividly

Then there’s May 13th, Ashtaroth appears
The Ever Virgin WHORE, along with all her peers



Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 6.41.23 AM

Do you feel a little knot, in the bottom of your gut?
Do you wonder why, the spring is taken from your strut?

Are you sleeping well? The knot is getting worse?
Will a Doctor tell you, the effects are from a curse?

No you don’t believe, that a Force is brought to bear
“Science” has an explanation, you can do without a prayer

You have a PhD, such things are nonsense to your mind
But your blood is running cold…this Force will not be kind

After you are dead, the Curse is still upon your soul
In Hell you’re going to burn, FOREVER in Seoul

Today? Tomorrow?…

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.41.55 AM

Can you hear the dirge? Can you hear the knell?
It’s the sound it is the sound, that summons you to Hell

In an hour one short hour, WW3 will come and go
For those who are not killed, only grief and pain and woe

The signs are crystal clear, but you ignore them all
You pretend it isn’t so, soon you’ll scream and cry and wrawl

Maybe then you’ll pray. Ha! When it’s too damn late
Now you’re going to burn in Hell, you are going to meet your fate

Will it be today? Tomorrow or next week?
Very little time is left…the future is but bleak…