A Problem and a Solution

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A Problem has arisen, that our President will solve
But what is the solution? WAR it will involve

The problem’s North Korea, another BOMB they’re going to test
And our President has promised, this he will arrest

How’s he going to do this? What action will he take?
At the UN stomp his feet? Ha!…them he will forsake

What’s about to happen, is North Korea won’t exist
And 50 million people gone…do you get my gist?

A reaction this will cause, from Russia China and Iran
What goes around will come around…this has always been the plan

So Hail Hail WW3, this is the spark that sets it off
Why is it you’re not laughing? Why is it you don’t scoff?


Shortly after the inauguration our President sent Kim a message, only 3 words – “just try me”




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