Grim Reaper

Another day is dawning, again the sun does rise
Will it be your last? The day of your demise?

There is an Hour Glass, appointed for your soul
The sand is almost gone…beckons does Sheol

Across the river Styx, you’ll go and not return
You will meet your Fate, in Hell you’re going to burn

You thought this was all Myth, a figment of the mind
An invention of the church, a fantasy of humankind

You lived in Wanton Luxury, in Greed and Lust and Sin
Excess and Debauchery, were your Kith and Kin

With NOTHING you were bone, and with NOTHING you will go
There’s only one thing you can do…pretend it isn’t so

Run unto The Bottle, from the amber liquid comes relief
But in the morning will return, your fear and bane and grief


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