Month: February 2017

Not by Water…by FIRE


Day by day, hour by hour, extirpation draweth neigh
No one sees, no one cares, Destruction from On High

As is in days of Noah, so it is today
Oblivious oblivious, to the coming Judgement Day

People scurry to and fro, ignore the Writing on the Wall
It is too late it is too late, soon you’ll weep and wail and wrawl

Foretold this all has been, by the Prophecies of Old
Destruction Doom Damnation, these three will now unfold

Read The Book of Revelation, chapter ten plus ten
Number fifteen is the verse…the Judgement of all men


Sarcastic or Not?


War with North Korea, has been smoldering awhile
They’re going to test another Bomb, this game they play with guile

The game is “Brinksmanship”, the USA they hate
As long as they exist, this emotion never will abate

There’s only one solution – exist they will no more
Nuclear Annihilation! On this nation pour

This frees up 37,000 troops, to somewhere else they will deploy
Where are they going go? And someone else annoy

It’s not to hard to figure out, it’s not to hard to see the plan
The strategy is World Conquest, they’re going to…Iran

From the BBC:

The US Defence Secretary James Mattis has said any use of nuclear weapons by North Korea would be met with an “effective and overwhelming” response.

A Problem and a Solution

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A Problem has arisen, that our President will solve
But what is the solution? WAR it will involve

The problem’s North Korea, another BOMB they’re going to test
And our President has promised, this he will arrest

How’s he going to do this? What action will he take?
At the UN stomp his feet? Ha!…them he will forsake

What’s about to happen, is North Korea won’t exist
And 50 million people gone…do you get my gist?

A reaction this will cause, from Russia China and Iran
What goes around will come around…this has always been the plan

So Hail Hail WW3, this is the spark that sets it off
Why is it you’re not laughing? Why is it you don’t scoff?


Shortly after the inauguration our President sent Kim a message, only 3 words – “just try me”




Some poems I write are stupid, and sarcastic as can be
It all depends what mood I’m in…behold and you’ll now see

Levity is fun, and at mocking I’m a Pro
This time I will be serious, and from my pen will flow…

From my pen will flow, words of Doom and Dread
Why oh why is this? It’s what’s about to break upon our heads

Soon to break upon our heads, in the Bible this is told
The Book that is the last, this is about to all unfold

It will start with WW3, the United States destroyed
In the Bible this is too, all Atomic Bombs employed

It’s in the Book of Jeremiah, chapters 50-51
“Babylon” will burn, for the SINS that she has done


Grim Reaper

Another day is dawning, again the sun does rise
Will it be your last? The day of your demise?

There is an Hour Glass, appointed for your soul
The sand is almost gone…beckons does Sheol

Across the river Styx, you’ll go and not return
You will meet your Fate, in Hell you’re going to burn

You thought this was all Myth, a figment of the mind
An invention of the church, a fantasy of humankind

You lived in Wanton Luxury, in Greed and Lust and Sin
Excess and Debauchery, were your Kith and Kin

With NOTHING you were bone, and with NOTHING you will go
There’s only one thing you can do…pretend it isn’t so

Run unto The Bottle, from the amber liquid comes relief
But in the morning will return, your fear and bane and grief