Month: October 2016


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Enjoy life while you can, Doom is drawing neigh
WAR is in the air, DESTRUCTION from On High

The United States will burn, Damnation she has earned
Righteousness and Truth, she has only spurned

The land of Hedonistic Gluttony of Wanton Greed and Sin
Priests of Molek and of Baal, of Satan’s Kith and Kin

Sodom and Gomorrah, in comparison they pale
God will not be mocked, very soon you’re going to wail


Hurricane Mathew


“Fanners” is a word, it’s in the Bible just one time [1]
This Fanner brings Destruction, Destruction so sublime

This is just a preview, a warning of God’s WRATH
In the Bible you can read, read the aftermath [2]

You’ll be blown away, by wind and also FIRE [3]
You were warned but you ignored, ignored the warnings dire

Now it’s too damn late, you’ll be killed and sent to Hell
Damnation for Eternity…you earned it oh so well

[1] Jer 51:2
[2] book of Revelation
[3] WW3

This hurricane is forecast to loop around and hit Florida AGAIN

NOT by Water – by FIRE

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A Foreboding fills the air, a sense of Doom and Dread
A genuine concern, that very soon you will be dead

Evil oozes from the cracks…watch it on TV
Everyplace and everywhere, so plane to hear and see

Corruption is the norm…hypocrisy and lies
Dignity and Truth, these are both despised

A Cleansing is to come, this time by Burning FIRE
The USA will be destroyed…burnt upon a Pyre



The world situation, teeters on the brink
There is a Cup there is a Cup, from this Cup you’ll surly drink [1]

The United States will be destroyed…in atomic fire burn
The warnings from the Lord, you did only spurn

By the Prophet Jeremiah, this has been foretold [2][3]
Read and heed with fear, this Prophecy of Old

Go ahead and scoff, ridicule and mock
Death is at the door, for you he will not knock

[1] Rev 14:10
[2] Jer 50&51
[3] Google: “America Babylon”

Doom Approaches

Scroll and 7 seals

To whom it may concern, this poem is addressed
I write it to the Damned, I write to the Blessed

The last Book in the Bible, speaks of seven years
Seven years of Judgment, seven years of Tears

The seven years will start, with the breaking of a Seal
The first seal upon a Scroll, God’s WRATH you then will feel

Seven years of Torment, seven years of Pain
Seven years of Judgment, seven years of Bane

Chances are not good, that you’ll survive unto the end
By John the Revelator, on Patmos this was penned