Destruction Death and Woe

I see the signs so clear, the signs of WW3
Destruction Death and Woe, this will shortly come to be

The population by and large, ignores the signs of Doom
They scurry to and fro, without a hint of gloom

What is it that holds back? that restrains the coming War? [1]
‘Till “He” is taken from the way, just a little blood and gore

Very shortly he’ll be gone…taken from the way
The Man of Sin revealed, no longer held at bay

What will follow next, was written long ago
Seven years seven years, of Destruction Death and Woe [2]

You were warned you were warned, did you pay an ounce of heed!?
You’ll be sent to Hell to burn…you’ll scream and cry and plead

[1] 2nd Thess 2:4
[2] The last Book in the Bible

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