Month: April 2016

12.0 on the Richter Scale

Earthquakes every day, earthquakes every hour
A 12.0 in California…with fear you will now cower

Then there’s New Madrid, but not to worry not to fret
Yellowstone will blow! And everything you can forget

But it ain’t over ’till it’s over, and it ain’t over yet!
An asteroid will get you…do you twitch and sweat?

Everyone relax! Be happy with much glee
Our Government will save us…if it survives from WW3



Predation has a son, he’s called the “man of sin”
He’s waiting in the wings, along with all his kin

When “he who does now let”, is taken from the way
The “little horn of Daniel”…you he will now flay

His identity I know…the one who’s name is 666
Soon he will arrive, from back across the river Styx

The deadly wound is healed, and he is now alive
The whole world worships him…in Rome he will connive

The United States is gone, destroyed in WW3
7 years will now commence, of Death and Agony

The Maranatha Bible Society & Richard E Rhoades


A “Preacher” that I knew, an “Evangelist” no less
Richard Edward Rhoades, him I will not bless

Why pray tell oh why? Listen closely and I’ll tell
The “gOSPEL” that he preached, will send you straight to Hell

Doctrine-Doctrine-Doctrine! King Farce preached oh so loud
He founded a Society [1], with “gRACE” they were endowed

The gOSPEL that he preached, was from Corinthians the first
Chapter ten plus five…but what he preached brought on a curse

Verses three and four, note the last four words of each
Never Never Never, did Dusty Rhoades these teach

“According to the scriptures”, Rhoades’s Toads all took to mean
The Letters of St. Paul, and ONLY Paul’s cuisine

Dusty Rhoades now burns in Hell, upon him is Paul’s CURSE [2]
Richard Edward Rhoades…his gOSPEL was perverse

[1] The Maranatha Bible Society
[2] 2nd Cor 11:4

Google: “Maranatha Bible Society”
Google: “Richard E Rhoades”


The 19th day of April, a day of Death and Woe and Bane
An unholy celebration, from the line of Cain

Calamity Catastrophe, Desolation Death and Pain
The day that EVIL Triumphs, is coming as a blain

Mark this day and mark it well, the celebration hatched in Hell
The Sacrifice unto the Beast…the hOLY day of Bel

From the 19th day of April, another 13 mark
The Phallic Symbol worship…Satan you will hark

St. Michel P Roche

Why? Am I so down on Goody-Goody Two Shoes Mike? Here’s Why –

w Mike's H&AC 6

My AC doesn’t work, what am I going to do?
I will call up Mike!! He is the Chosen Few

Hurry! Hurry! Mike. My AC come repair
It is HOT as Hell! Save me from despair

When my house is nice and cool, a Bible study there will be
We’ll worship Dusty Rhoades…pray to him on bended knee

David Doyle he will come, we’ll divide some wORDS so right
“According to the scriptures”, we’ll never never site

We will all get saved! We’ll be holier than stool
Cuz my AC Mike did fix, now it’s nice and cool

We’ll call up Dale Koller, we’ll call Ken Brandt too
Our asses they will edify, cuz they’re on Mike’s hOLY Crew

Mike's H&AC 4

Additional: Mike has a YouTube channel

Mike deletes my comments, oh goodness gracious me!
This gets me so upset, that in my pants I pee

The only thing I comment on, is Richard Edward Rhoades
And his flock of Farces, “Rhoades’s Holy Toads”

I write – Rhoades’s Toads are hOLY, Rhoades’s Toads are smart!
When you read their doctrine, you will blow a fart!

And then there’s Dale Koller, his dick just rotted off
He contracted something, way way worse than whooping cough

Can’t forget ’bout Kenny, Kenny Farceass Brandt
Pray for Kenny’s ass, he needs a heart transplant

And check this Blog:

Prayer to Richard E Rhoades

Oh most hOLY Dusty, Patron Saint of Toads
To your ass we pray, while we sit on our commodes

We sit right down and grunt, as a testimony true
All our hOLY turds, we dedicate to you

Then we wipe our ass, with something that you wrote
With your sound sound doctrine, which so often we do quote

The bible is all for us, but what is to we will learn
We will study study, lotsa grace we will all earn!