Dale H Koller & Kenneth D Brandt

Dale Koller rots with cancer, Ken Brandt has ills severe
The Wrath of God Almighty, is upon them so austere

One thing that MY God HATES, it’s a Stinking Lying FARCE
Like Richard Edward Rhoades, with his limp and broken tarse

In Unrighteousness he held, the Gospel of God’s Grace [1]
He died and went to Hell, his “doctrine” a disgrace

He NEVER sited chapter, NEVER sited verse…
For the “gospel” that he preached…upon him is Paul’s curse [2]

Ken and Dale carry on, for at least a little while
Two of Rhoades’s Toads, THE Gospel they defile [3]

BarJesus called Elymas, corrupted Holy Writ [4]
Perverted Holy Scripture, so his doctrine it would fit

And so did Dusty Rhoades, and so does Ken and Dale
They corrupt the Word of God…Satan they do hail!

[1] Rom 1:18
[2] Gal 1:9
[3] 1st Cor 15: 3&4
[4] Acts 13:8

Dale Koller and Ken Brandt are Elders of The Maranatha Bible Society founded by Richard Edward Rhoades


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