Weep and Cry

4 Horsemen

Four Riders mount their horses, them you soon will hail
One white, one red, one back, one pail

They have been ordained, for a time a day and hour
That time approaches fast, with fear you’re going to cower

When the First Seal breaks, the white horse is the steed
Of the Man of Sin, he’s coming with his creed

His “creed” is going to be, take his Mark or die
It’s in the Book of Revelation…read it, weep and cry

Go ahead and take his Mark, a little longer you might live
The SIN you just committed, God will not forgive

If it happens that you live, for another seven years
Another Rider on a horse, will kill you without tears

You’ll be killed and sent to Hell, forever there you’ll burn
The Rider on the True White Horse, you did only spurn


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