Month: March 2016

I live in Picayune Mississippi

Mike's H&AC 4

Hi my name is Mike [1], I’m a member of a Sect [2]
We worship Dusty Rhoades [3], and the bible we protect

We never NEVER change it, just a couple letters here and there
It needs to be corrected, the way it is we cannot bear [4]

We get help from Dale Koller, Kenny Brandt does help us too
We correct the KJV…we are the Chosen Few! [5]

[1] Michael P Roche
[2] The Maranatha Bible Society
[3] aka Richard Edward Rhoades, Father of the MBS

w Mike's H&AC 6


Oh Mike! Tisk-Tisk, Bill M doesn’t seem to appreciate “rightly divided” AC service


Dale Koller & Ken Brandt (see the previous poem)

What is it that they do? The two Farces Ken and Dale
This “gOSPEL” that they preach, Satan it does hail? [1]

Upon them is a Curse, a curse pronounced by Paul [2]
EVERY ONE of Rhoades’s Toads, God hates them one and all [3]

Why is this oh pray tell? I will tell you why
The gOSPEL that they preach, is a God Damn lie!

Oh how can this be? I will tell you how
“According to the scriptures”, this they don’t allow [4]

“According to the scriptures”, this they take to mean
The Epistles of St. Paul, from Dusty Rhoades this gleaned

“According to the scriptures”, means Glory Glory Paul!
To Paul and only Paul, to him they pray and crawl

[1] Gal 1:9
[2] Gal 1:9
[3] Ps 139 21&22
[4] 1st Cor 15:3&4

Cut & Paste from a Dale Koller email:

The gospel is 1 Cor 15:3-4, “according to the Scriptures”, the “Scriptures” referring to Paul’s letters and his letters only. got it?

Dale H Koller & Kenneth D Brandt

Dale Koller rots with cancer, Ken Brandt has ills severe
The Wrath of God Almighty, is upon them so austere

One thing that MY God HATES, it’s a Stinking Lying FARCE
Like Richard Edward Rhoades, with his limp and broken tarse

In Unrighteousness he held, the Gospel of God’s Grace [1]
He died and went to Hell, his “doctrine” a disgrace

He NEVER sited chapter, NEVER sited verse…
For the “gospel” that he preached…upon him is Paul’s curse [2]

Ken and Dale carry on, for at least a little while
Two of Rhoades’s Toads, THE Gospel they defile [3]

BarJesus called Elymas, corrupted Holy Writ [4]
Perverted Holy Scripture, so his doctrine it would fit

And so did Dusty Rhoades, and so does Ken and Dale
They corrupt the Word of God…Satan they do hail!

[1] Rom 1:18
[2] Gal 1:9
[3] 1st Cor 15: 3&4
[4] Acts 13:8

Dale Koller and Ken Brandt are Elders of The Maranatha Bible Society founded by Richard Edward Rhoades

Queen of Heaven

Queen of Heaven

A poem I will write, a rhyme of Doom and Dread
The Apocalypse of John, is about to break upon your head

Three plus three plus one, are the number of the years
Coming very soon…Death and Bane and Tears

“The Man of Sin” will soon be known, for you he has a Mark
Take his Mark or die, to him you’re going to hark

Your religion doesn’t matter, all inventions of mere men
Even Lovey-Dovey christians, the same thing goes for Zen

Go and pray the Rosary [1], to the Queen of Heaven cry [2]
Your prayers are so much SHIT! Pray them while you die

[1] Matt 6:7
[2] Jer 7:18, Jer 44:17~25

A Knot


Do you feel a little knot, in the bottom of your gut?
Do you wonder why, the spring is taken from your strut?

Are you sleeping well? The knot is getting worse?
Will a Doctor tell you, the effects are from a curse?

No you don’t believe, that a Force is brought to bear
“Science” has an explanation, you can do without a prayer

You have a PhD, such things are nonsense in your mind
But your blood is running cold, to you this Force will not be kind

Hell Awaits


In the not too distant future, Anguish you awaits
A Demon for your soul, Torment that not abates

Sleep will flee from you, rest you will not know
Why oh why pray tell? Because to Hell you’re going to go

Your bowels you’ll not control, your appetite will fail
Demons drag you to a shaft, you they will impale

You’ll suffer Agony, and why you know damn well
For your arrogance and pride, and then you’ll burn in Hell

For 1000 years you’ll burn, before you stand before THE Throne
The White Throne of God Almighty, you He will disown

For you sins you will be judged, then be cast alive
Into The Lake of Fire…your Damnation has arrived!


3ed Eye

A “Scientific Explanation”, for the phenomena of Ψ
Is ridiculed and mocked…they understand not why

A Scientist I’ve met, a Professor PhD
Denies the whole phenomena…he refuses this to see

Not all people have this, only very very few
The few that are aware, leave the others rue

There are “Forces” that exist, that can be brought to bare
To aggravate someone who has this, of this he should beware

The results are vary subtle, they very gradually increase
Frustration Discontent, and Woe that will not cease

It’s not like in the movies, and over night does not occur
He will try but you will fail, he will attempt to this abjure

There is wrong and there right, there’s darkness and there’s light
Today the difference is not known. No, not by the sense of sight

So oh brilliant scientist, oh doctor of the mind
A curse is now upon you, the effects will be not kind

There is a Prophecy of old, by Isaiah this has come
Behold the Woe of chapter 5, verses 20 – 21

Woe to you oh genius scientist, upon you is my curse
Mock while you’re still able…for you there’ll be no hearse

Dung upon the ground, is your destiny
Maggots eat your guts, this is a Fate you cannot flee

When you finally die, you’ll be sent to Hell to burn
Ponder this oh scientist, Ha! But you will never learn

You’ll not die in peace, you’ll probably be killed
Enjoy life while you can, fore my curse will be fulfilled