Go Ahead and Mock

Wrath of God

Some poems that I write, are stupid and are dumb
This poem is not the case, I’ll write of what’s to come

What is coming on this earth, is Devastation Gloom and Pain
Suffering and Anguish, Death and Tears and Bane

So read this rhyme and mock, they mocked at Noah too
Until the rain came down, there mocking was then through

And so it is today, ’bout the warnings that I write
They are ridiculed and mocked, held in contempt and spite

In 2nd Thessalonians, words of comfort Paul did write
These I take to heart, while I fight the Fight

Start at chapter one, read verse seven to the end
To very very few, and to me this has been penned

Less I could not care, about your mocking and your jest
God’s Wrath will be poured out…and I will be at rest


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