The Curse

Whom I bless are blessed, and whom I curse are cursed
Just like one person in the Bible, in which I’m well versed

There are people that I’ve cursed, there are people that I’ve blessed
One person in particular, he thought this was just jest

He used to send me insults, no more does he them send
My Curse is hard upon him, and it he can’t transcend

He’s a Doctor of Psychology, a Professor PhD
He thought my Curse was ludicrous…I will not hear his plea

Things there are that can’t, that cannot be undone
Such as my Curse upon his head, his misery now begun

A detail of my Curse: in WW3 he will not die
Because at this he mocked, with it he will now via

The Doktor reads this rhyme and squirms, in his pants he makes a mess
Why pray tell oh why? He’s the CURSED and not the Blessed


For details concerning the Enemanent Doktor >> Click Here


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