To: The Maranatha Bible Society & Dale H Koller

Rider on white horse

From Allan Lewicki
Sub: WW3

In just a little while, your stupid ass [1] is going to see
The Wrath of God Almighty, this most vividly

You’ll see the Clouds of Death, rise into the sky
Mushroom clouds from Atom Bombs, and you’ll wonder why

I will tell you why, since your too damn dumb to learn
This is the Vengeance from a God, A God that you did spurn

You thought you were so good, you thought you were so pure
You’ll be Dung upon the ground [2], of this you can be sure

You’re Religious Shit! [3] Just like Dusty Rhoades
With him you’ll burn in Hell, and all his Stinking Toads

[1] Hypocritical Stupid ass
[2] Jer 9:22, Jer 16:4, Jer 25:33


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