Three Score Plus Ten

Scroll and 7 seals

There is a number for-ordained, from an Angel this is known
To the Prophet Daniel, has this Angle flown [1]

Three score plus ten, of days by 4+3 [2]
A prophecy of Doom, very shortly you will see

Three score plus nine, are gone and history
One yet to be fulfilled…and fulfilled most bitterly [3]

This “week” is 7 days, seven days of years
This will be the week, of Death and Pain and Tears

When will this week start? No one knows the day and hour [4]
The First Seal will soon be broken, by a Lamb with Might and Power [5]

The First Seal upon the Scroll, in the hand of God upon His throne
Six more are yet to break, then seven Trumpets will be blown

Then seven vials of WRATH, will be poured upon your head
Just wait ’till vial number five, you’ll wish you could be dead [6]

[1] Dan 9:21
[2] Dan 9:24
[3] The Book of Revelation
[4] Matt 24:36
[5] Rev 6:1
[6] Rev 16:10



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