S of L

To whom it may concern, this poem is addressed
I write it to the cursed, I write it to the blessed

The last Book of the Bible, is about to fulfilled
It’s called the Tribulation…you’ll probably be killed

If you are the cursed, you’ll be killed and sent to Hell
If you are the blessed, you’ll be killed as well [1]

Only 12 x 12 x 10, times one hundred more [2]
will live to see the end, and the burning of the Whore

THE WHORE of BABYLON! your Doom is drawing neigh
In God’s flaming fire you’ll burn, and in Hell you’re going to fry [3]

Who is the Whore of Babylon? This question you may ask
She “sits on many waters” [4], and in glory she does bask [5]

In “one hour” her Doom will come, pain and death and woe [6]
She’ll fall and she’ll not rise [7], to Hell she’s going to go

Do you live in Babylon? The Babylon today
You were warned that you should flee, this is the USA [8]

[1] Rev 6:9
[2] Rev 7:3~8
[3] Rev 17: whole chapter
[4] Rev 17:1
[5] Rev 18:1
[6] Rev 18:10, 18:17, 18:19
[7] Rev 18:21
[8] Rev 18:4

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