Really Tuff TUFF Sanctions!


In Korea of the North, they’re going to go a test
They’re going to shoot a missile, to see what works the best

Will it haul an Atom Bomb? or maybe 2 or 3?
Can they put on it their H-bomb? we’ll have to wait and see

Does it have the range, to reach Washington DC?
Oh my goodness oh my gosh, Obama’s going to pee!

He will stomp his feet, and then he’s going to pout
He’ll stomp his feet AND pout, at Kimy he will shout

He’ll slap on them some sanctions! and call them naughty names
He’ll say Kimy Kimy bad boy, I ain’t playin’ no more games

But what Game does Kimy play? That makes Obama pee
The answer’s plane as day, the game is WW3


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