Month: February 2016


It’s incredible to watch, to behold what’s coming down
The signs are crystal clear, the signs are all around

But do the people see? Absolutely not!
The perception of a Sheep, in Destruction they’ll be caught

Even if they’re warned, they stick their heads deep in the sand
When their asses are on fire, maybe then they’ll understand


The King of Babylon

White House

Belshazzar saw some fingers, write upon the wall
MINI MINI TEKEL…from an Angel came this scrawl

Your Kingdom has been numbered, tonight you’re going to die
Almighty God has found you TEKEL! Your WHOLE LIFE was but a LIE

That was then and this is now, but the message is the same
If you’re the King of Babylon, upon you will be this shame

Who is the King of Babylon? The “Babylon” today
There is a road that goes around it, they call it the Beltway

Go Ahead and Mock

Wrath of God

Some poems that I write, are stupid and are dumb
This poem is not the case, I’ll write of what’s to come

What is coming on this earth, is Devastation Gloom and Pain
Suffering and Anguish, Death and Tears and Bane

So read this rhyme and mock, they mocked at Noah too
Until the rain came down, there mocking was then through

And so it is today, ’bout the warnings that I write
They are ridiculed and mocked, held in contempt and spite

In 2nd Thessalonians, words of comfort Paul did write
These I take to heart, while I fight the Fight

Start at chapter one, read verse seven to the end
To very very few, and to me this has been penned

Less I could not care, about your mocking and your jest
God’s Wrath will be poured out…and I will be at rest


The Curse

Whom I bless are blessed, and whom I curse are cursed
Just like one person in the Bible, in which I’m very versed

There are people that I’ve cursed, there are people that I’ve blessed
One person in particular, he thought this was jest

He used to send me insults, no more does he them send
My Curse is hard upon him, and it he can’t transcend

He’s a Doctor of Psychology, a Professor PhD
He thought my Curse was ludicrous…I will not hear his plea

Things there are that can’t, that cannot be undone
Such as my Curse upon his head, his misery now begun

A detail of my Curse: in WW3 he will not die
Because at this he mocked, with it he will now via

The Doktor reads this rhyme and squirms, in his pants he makes a mess
Why pray tell oh why? He’s the CURSED and not the Blessed


For details concerning the Enemanent Doktor >> Click Here

Super Top Secret

Ergy says to Pootnick: Oh you piss me off!
Pootnick says to Ergy: Ha! at your ass I scoff

Ergy says well well, I’ll shoot down your planes
Pootnick says oh yea! I’ll lick your ass with flames

So Ergy stomps off in a huff, calls Berry on the phone
Says that baddy baddy Pootnick, won’t leave my ass alone

Berry says Ah-ha! I know what to do
We’ll start WW3, then this whole mess will be through

To: The Maranatha Bible Society & Dale H Koller

Rider on white horse

From Allan Lewicki
Sub: WW3

In just a little while, your stupid ass [1] is going to see
The Wrath of God Almighty, this most vividly

You’ll see the Clouds of Death, rise into the sky
Mushroom clouds from Atom Bombs, and you’ll wonder why

I will tell you why, since your too damn dumb to learn
This is the Vengeance from a God, A God that you did spurn

You thought you were so good, you thought you were so pure
You’ll be Dung upon the ground [2], of this you can be sure

You’re Religious Shit! [3] Just like Dusty Rhoades
With him you’ll burn in Hell, and all his Stinking Toads

[1] Hypocritical Stupid ass
[2] Jer 9:22, Jer 16:4, Jer 25:33

Three Score Plus Ten

Scroll and 7 seals

There is a number for-ordained, from an Angel this is known
To the Prophet Daniel, has this Angle flown [1]

Three score plus ten, of days by 4+3 [2]
A prophecy of Doom, very shortly you will see

Three score plus nine, are gone and history
One yet to be fulfilled…and fulfilled most bitterly [3]

This “week” is 7 days, seven days of years
This will be the week, of Death and Pain and Tears

When will this week start? No one knows the day and hour [4]
The First Seal will soon be broken, by a Lamb with Might and Power [5]

The First Seal upon the Scroll, in the hand of God upon His throne
Six more are yet to break, then seven Trumpets will be blown

Then seven vials of WRATH, will be poured upon your head
Just wait ’till vial number five, you’ll wish you could be dead [6]

[1] Dan 9:21
[2] Dan 9:24
[3] The Book of Revelation
[4] Matt 24:36
[5] Rev 6:1
[6] Rev 16:10