Month: January 2016

Babylon will (future tense)… BURN

World Destruction

Time to write a poem, time to write a rhyme
A story about the World, and the end of Time

God’s Wrath will soon be poured, upon the USA
To the Dregs your going to drink, from a Cup you cannot stay

You will suffer and you’ll burn, in atomic fire
Read the Book of Jeremiah…this Prophet was no liar

Chapters 50-51, on “Babylon” a CURSE
Soon very soon, the River Styx you will traverse

Not the Babylon of old, the Babylon today
Read the Prophecy of DOOM, this is the USA


Pretend it isn’t so

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Denial is what’s done, when the truth is too severe
Pretend it isn’t so, then cower with dread and fear

What is too severe? The WAR that’s coming to this land
Every day, every day, the Flames of War are fanned

Assad and Kim Jong-un, Poroshenko don’t forget
Such good friends and confidants…do they make you fret?

An “Event” is soon to pass, the Casus Belli has been planned
The Trigger for the WAR, that no one can withstand

Will it be today? Tomorrow or next week?
For sure it’s soon to come, your future’s looking bleak

So keep your head stuck in sand, pretend it isn’t so
In atomic fire you’ll burn, then to Hell you’re going to go