Month: November 2015



What will be the spark? That sets off WW3?
Very soon we’re going to see, whatever it could be

The Turks puff out their chest, NATO goes to DEFCON 1
All the troops are told, get ready with your gun

Obama plays more golf, then calls his old pal Vlad
Says oh my goodness oh gosh, ain’t this just too bad

Vlad hangs up the phone, orders all the missiles armed
Puts his thumb on the Red Button…should we be alarmed?



4 Horsemen

World War 1 World War 2, World War 3 will soon be here
Pretend it isn’t so, all your mirth will disappear

Pretend it isn’t so, skip along your merry way
The Antichrist will come, and you he’s going to flay

Pretend it isn’t so, keep your head stuck in the sand
Pay no attention to the news, while the flames WAR are fanned

Deep down in a bunker, there’s a button that is red
They can’t wait to push this button…very soon you will be dead

The button launches missiles, thousands of them fly
An atomic bomb on every one, mushroom clouds rise to the sky

Pretend it isn’t so, the obvious deny
Soon very soon, you will weep and wail and cry

One person in particular, a FARCE Extroidenair
His name is Dale Koller, blind and doctrinaire

Everything he knows, he learned from Dusty Rhoades
The hOLY hOLY founder, of Rhoades’s Stinking Toads [1]

WW3 won’t be, for 600 more long years
This he does believe, him and all his peers (“brother” Toads)

[1] The Maranatha Bible Society; the most Farcical puddle of religious diarrhea to ever defile the face of the earth