Blame it on ISIS

Beast from the Sea

Isaiah seventeen, read the verse that’s number one
About to be fulfilled, the world will be undone

And who to blame this on? Who will they accuse
ISIS is the culprit, an Atom Bomb they used

Do you think that Russia, will just sit there on their hands?
No no no no no, the Russians have their plans

They can tell a flag, a true one from a fake
They know damn well who did this, their plan they’ll not forsake

What is this plan pray tell? Along with China and Iran
Destroy the one they HATE! Kill them to the man

St. Peter said of prophecy, we have the more sure word
Written by Isaiah, but what he wrote you think upsurd

Not only chapter seventeen, chapter ten plus three
Soon you’re going to welcome, the Beast that’s from the Sea


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