Behold a Red Horse

Angel of Death

Behold he’s coming near, behold he’s drawing neigh
The Angel from the Pit, not the Angel from the Sky

He’s riding a Red Horse [1], the whole world he wants to slay
He’ll be busy seven years, your dues it’s time to pay

He’s the second of four horsemen, two more will join him soon
One is Pale, one is Black [2], with the rotting dead the earth is strewn

The rider on the white horse, he will be the first
His horse is snorting fire, for your blood he has a thirst

How things may work out, Damascus is destroyed [3]
But the Bear knows it’s a false flag, the Eagles treachery employed

The Brown Bear and the Panda Bear, all their arrows they will shoot [4]
Babylon will burn! [5] Their vengeance is acute

[1] Rev 6:4
[2] Rev 6:8 & 6:5
[3] Isa 17:1
[4] Jer 15:14
[5] Jer 49:18 & 50:40


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