Month: October 2015



Crescent Oklahoma, a harbinger of Doom
The whole land is going to shake…turn into a tomb

Right in the middle, of the USA
Not even on a fault, but Earthquakes every day

Men’s hearts failing them for fear, for what is coming on the earth
The Wrath of God poured out…bid adieu to mirth


Maranatha Bible Society


A ship of Saud was sank, a ship of Saud went down
Warm up for the 2nd Seal, The Red Horse will be around

So keep your heads stuck in the sand, your stupid asses cover up
Use your shield of faith…drink WRATH from a Golden Cup

You followed Dusty Rhoades, you’ll follow him to Hell
Prophecy ignored, you should have known and known damn well

Parting Shot

We’ll not have to wait too long, to see how Syria turns out
Isaiah wrote a prophecy, that erases any doubt

If your down and out, and the Russians beat your ass
A False Flag is in the works, while O does a dance and chasse

Does ISIS have the BOMB? Very soon the world will see
Damascus blown to shit! [1] O hops around with glee

This pisses Putin off, BIG TIME he is pissed!
WW3 is at the door, and China will assist

[1] Isa 17:1

Blame it on ISIS

Beast from the Sea

Isaiah seventeen, read the verse that’s number one
About to be fulfilled, the world will be undone

And who to blame this on? Who will they accuse
ISIS is the culprit, an Atom Bomb they used

Do you think that Russia, will just sit there on their hands?
No no no no no, the Russians have their plans

They can tell a flag, a true one from a fake
They know damn well who did this, their plan they’ll not forsake

What is this plan pray tell? Along with China and Iran
Destroy the one they HATE! Kill them to the man

St. Peter said of prophecy, we have the more sure word
Written by Isaiah, but what he wrote you think upsurd

Not only chapter seventeen, chapter ten plus three
Soon you’re going to welcome, the Beast that’s from the Sea

Behold a Red Horse

Angel of Death

Behold he’s coming near, behold he’s drawing neigh
The Angel from the Pit, not the Angel from the Sky

He’s riding a Red Horse [1], the whole world he wants to slay
He’ll be busy seven years, your dues it’s time to pay

He’s the second of four horsemen, two more will join him soon
One is Pale, one is Black [2], with the rotting dead the earth is strewn

The rider on the white horse, he will be the first
His horse is snorting fire, for your blood he has a thirst

How things may work out, Damascus is destroyed [3]
But the Bear knows it’s a false flag, the Eagles treachery employed

The Brown Bear and the Panda Bear, all their arrows they will shoot [4]
Babylon will burn! [5] Their vengeance is acute

[1] Rev 6:4
[2] Rev 6:8 & 6:5
[3] Isa 17:1
[4] Jer 15:14
[5] Jer 49:18 & 50:40

Hegelian Dialectic


The Hegelian Dialectic, sounds so lofty and so fine
It’s what ISIS was created for, a problem by design

The solution was to be, al-Assad would go away
Through ciaos clamor War! A commotion and a fray

But according to O’s plan, things did go awry
Basher al-Assad, from the North has an ally

Upon the stage appears, a man no amateur
The bane of O, bane of O, his name is Vladimir