Two Riders on White Horses

White Horse

Seven is the sum, of the Seals upon a Scroll [1]
First one’s about to break…comes a rider from Sheol [2]

On a white horse he does ride, conquering the world
Round about him shines a bow [2], and his flag of “peace” unfurled [3]

A grievous wound unto his head, he had in days gone by [4]
The grievous wound is healed [5], but he is blind in his right eye [6]

Ten Kings arise to follow him, but only for one hour [7]
They give their strength unto the Beast, all their strength and all their power

Forty months plus two, the Beast will have his way [8]
Unto his image you must bow…many many he will slay [9]

Another Rider on horse, on a horse that’s VERY white [10]
Comes with all his Army, with the Beast they’re going to fight

The Beast is thrown alive, into a Lake of Fire [11]
Forever there he’ll burn, with every other liar

[1] Rev 5:1
[2] Rev 6:2
[3] Dan 8:25
[4] Nov 22, 63
[5] Rev 13:3
[6] Zech 11:17
[7] Rev 17:12
[8] Rev 13:5
[9] Rev 6:9
[10] Rev 19:11
[11] Rev 19:20


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