VERY Few Days Remain

The Saudies clear their airspace, Kim Jong prepares for war
Poroshenko buys new weapons…have you seen this all before?

What is going to happen? Not too hard to figure out
The world will be at WAR, this without a doubt

But take heart I have good news, it will only last an hour [1]
Just half the world gets blown to shit, so no need to cry and cower

The other half will see, the unveiling of “the Man”
Of “that Wicked” [2] Man of Sin [3], for you he has a plan

His plan is going to be, to give everyone a Mark [4]
In your forehead or right hand, to him you must now hark

Seven years will follow, seven years of pain and woe
It’s called the Tribulation, through this you’re going to go

It’s all been written down,  in the last Book it’s contained
Contained in the Holy Bible, your demise is there explained

[1] Rev 18:10
[2] 2nd Thess 2:8
[3] 2nd Thess 2:3
[4] Rev 13:16


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