Oh Tisk-Tisk

Hey Queerass Faggot Poet, Hey Poet Faggot Queer
Don’t you like my rhymes? Are they too austere?

Why is that Faggot Poet? Why oh why oh Poet Queer
Because you’ll burn in Hell? Is this too severe?

Not Sever enough! In Hell you’re going to fry
A red-hot dildow up your ass…no KY to apply

Demons ram it in and out, while they flay your ass with whips
Dipped in venom from a Lion Fish, with razors on the tips

Through broken glass and burning coals, they’ll drag you night and day
This for all Eternity…and your stinking ass sauté

But you don’t have to worry, no need for you to fret
You’re a “christian” Faggot, the above you can forget

With Water oh so Holy, you douche your ass real good
And have a “Gay” old time, with your brothers in the hood


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