Month: September 2015



To whom it may concern, this poem is addressed
I write this to the cursed, I write this to the blessed

The last Book of the Bible, the Seals are ’bout to break
Then Seven years of Woe, Seven years of Ache

The probability is good, that you’ll not see the end
You’ll be killed and sent to Hell, by St. John this has been penned

So continue on your way, skip along your merry path
This will break upon your head, vengeance hate and wrath


False Prophet

Pope and O

The Book of Revelation, was written long ago
Seven years of Bane, through this the world will go

Read what John did write, read of Doom foretold
Vengeance from an angry God, DEATH you will behold

One person in particular, St. John describes so well
To the USA he comes, Bids all worship his gOD Bel

The False Prophet he is called, the man dressed in shining white
At the UN he will speak, the Bible he’ll rewrite

King Pimp


Look who comes to visit, a man all dressed in white
But inside he’s black as Sin, and a Rosary he’ll recite

The Whore of Babylon, the King Pimp comes to our land
Goes to the Oval Office, and with O he shakes his hand

Lets have a New World Order, the False Prophet will proclaim
In seven years seven years, it will end with fire and flame



DEFCON number ONE, we will soon be there
Call it WW3, from the Northern Bear

The Northern Bear and Panda Bear, join forces to our Doom
Because of what they’ll do, we won’t need a tomb

Every single missile, that they have they’re going to shoot [1]
From the North their arrows fly [2]…DESTRUCTION so acute

Soon very soon, the missiles will all fly
Coming this September, the time to burn and die

[1] Jer 50:14
[2] Jer 50:3 / 50:9 / 50:41 / 51:48

Two Riders on White Horses

White Horse

Seven is the sum, of the Seals upon a Scroll [1]
First one’s about to break…comes a rider from Sheol [2]

On a white horse he does ride, conquering the world
Round about him shines a bow [2], and his flag of “peace” unfurled [3]

A grievous wound unto his head, he had in days gone by [4]
The grievous wound is healed [5], but he is blind in his right eye [6]

Ten Kings arise to follow him, but only for one hour [7]
They give their strength unto the Beast, all their strength and all their power

Forty months plus two, the Beast will have his way [8]
Unto his image you must bow…many many he will slay [9]

Another Rider on horse, on a horse that’s VERY white [10]
Comes with all his Army, with the Beast they’re going to fight

The Beast is thrown alive, into a Lake of Fire [11]
Forever there he’ll burn, with every other liar

[1] Rev 5:1
[2] Rev 6:2
[3] Dan 8:25
[4] Nov 22, 63
[5] Rev 13:3
[6] Zech 11:17
[7] Rev 17:12
[8] Rev 13:5
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20 Miles Wide and 50 Miles Long


It’s headed straight for earth, the impact is for sure
But less you could not care, to this you’ve grown inure

A comet or an asteroid? Matter it does not!
When it smacks into the earth, everything will be for naught

Where’s it going to hit? Upon the land or in the sea?
There’ll be a ‘splosion very big, the “experts” all agree

But it’s just a little rock, only 20 miles wide
Only blow up half the earth, so just go run and hide


1 Hourglass

Look upon the Hour Glass, the sand is almost gone
The Antichrist shall come, Satan and his spawn

Seven years will follow, seven years of death and woe
Worship him and take his Mark, to Hell you’ll surly go

In Jerusalem he’ll sit, upon an ark of gold
Showing that he’s gOD, this all has been foretold

The False Prophet comes from Rome, calls down fire from the sky
Kiss his hOLY ring, and say a rosary fore you die

After seven years of pain, after seven years of woe
Comes a Rider on a White Horse, into Hell you now He’ll throw