Rider on white horse

Jacob was a man, he grabbed his brothers heel [1]
And his Birthright too, this started the ordeal

This ordeal continues on, with hatred so severe
It’s coming to a climax, “Jacob’s Troubles” do draw near [2]

Gathered round about him, every nation of the world
EXTERMINATION they all want, their Flag of WAR unfurled

Coming from the East, 200 million men draw near [3]
The Euphrates will dry up, there will be a quaking and great fear

To Armageddon they do march! Armageddon’s drawing neigh!
The Rider in the White Horse, is coming from the sky [4]

[1] Gen 25: 24&25
[2] Jer 30:7
[3] Rev 9:16
[4] Rev 19:11


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