The Second Seal

Red Horse

The rider on the horse that’s red, is the Second Seal [1]
Everything is now in place, WAR you soon will feel

First nation to get blown away, is the USA [2]
Grim Reaper just can’t wait, many many he will slay

Run into your bunkers, deep beneath the ground
Pray the rocks to fall on you, Lamb’s Vengeance will abound [3]

Not a pleasant way…a pleasant way to die
Lamb’s Wrath you’re going feel, so weep and wail and cry

After you are dead, guess where you’re going to go
To a place of red-hot fire, a place of pain and woe

There is a place, there is a place…prepared for you to dwell
Forever there you’ll burn, FOREVER burn in Hell

[1] Rev 6:3
[2] Google: “America Babylon”
[3] Rev 6:16


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