“Remember the Maine” !!!

Who will fire the first shot? The shot heard ‘round the world
Will it be Iran? Their flag of war unfurled

Or will a ship get sunk, in the Hormuz Straight?
Whose ship’s it going to be? Possibility is great

Won’t have to wait too long, just a little while
Persians do not like US…kill US with a smile

Up will go a hue and cry, avenge the USS Maine
You people are too dumb, for me to this explain

It really doesn’t matter, there’s going to be a WAR
Just like nine eleven, just like we did before

This will solve a problem, solve it really fast
Reduce the population, with a ‘tomic blast

Think I made this up? Pulled it from my ass?
State of Georgia “Guide Stones”, this will come to pass


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