Watch More TV

Early I awake, the dawn is not yet come
I ponder oh I ponder, what the world has now become

I listen to the news, Ha! bullshit lies and lies
A politician gives a speech, in my face he flies

And the Sheeple do not care, they scurry to and fro
Don’t disturb their football game, or the Peter Griffin show

The day is soon to come, Judgment from on High
Vengeance from above, and the Sheeple know not why

The Sheeple are to dumb, to understand or heed
And why oh why is this? On BULLSHIT they do feed!

They love the talking heads, to the TV they are glued
Mass hypnosis mind-control, the TV does exude

Will you watch TV, when in Hell your ass does burn?
Soon you will find out…Truth you’ll never learn


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