Go “Pray” (Ha!)

I will write a rhyme, about religious shit
Lovey-dovey “christians”…twist the Bible make it fit

And their lovey-dovey Geesus, “another Jesus” like Paul said [1]
Preach “another gospel”…a gospel that is dead

Hey lovey-dovey Kristian, will your Geesus come for you?
Meet him in the clouds?…Your dumb ass has no clue

You’ll hail the Man of Sin, “That Wicked” soon will come [2]
You will worship him…while Amazing Grace you hum

You will take his Mark, in your forehead in your hand
You will burn in HELL, your DAMNATION has been planned [3]

[1] 2nd Cor 11:14
[2] 2nd Thess 2:8
[3] Rev 14:9&10


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