Dale H. Koller

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 6.16.54 AM

What’s the Gospel Dale Koller? By which your soul is saved
Preach it to me Dale! Prove you’re not depraved

Preach it from your bible, the one you corrected to be pure
Your “perfect” Word of God, or is it your manure?

Preach it from a letter, that Paul wrote to a church
To the church at Corinth…do you need to do research?

Chapter five plus ten, of Corinthians the first
Verses three and four, prove you’re not accursed

“According to the scriptures”, Paul wrote once and wrote it twice
This is the Gospel Dale Koller, not just mere advice

I can site the chapters, site the verses too
If I can Dale Koller, why oh why can’t you?

I know Dale Koller, I know but I won’t tell
So continue on your way, on your way to burn in Hell


{Dale H. Koller is a disciple of the late Richard E. Rhoades, and an Elder of the Maranatha Bible Society. For rebuttal contact him; he lives in Lynn Haven FL}

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