Soooo Holy!

Denominations many, all proclaiming “truth”
Condemnation for all others, your religion is uncouth

Unless you go to our church, you just aren’t saved
Your Preacher is a liar, and you are depraved

We are holy-holy, we’re holier than shit
We twist the Holy Bible, to our doctrine make it fit

All you other “Christians”, are luke warm Heathen puke
We read this in our bible, it’s in the book of Luke

We say holy prayers, we pray to Saint Adores
He will come and save us, but not you stinking whores

We have our seven sacraments, without them you are lost
Look at our holy seal, on us it is embossed

Our alter boys are holy, our priests like them a lot
That’s why we pay the lawyers, so they don’t get caught


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