John Calvin Lives !!

Death is not the end, it’s just a change of state
When your soul departs this earth, you will meet your fate

Of the places that you’ll go, there are only two
One of happiness and bliss, one of pain and woe

The choice is NOT your own [1]…it’s called the Sovereignty of God
Will you walk upon the Sea [2], on its esplanade?

You will if you’re Elect, and if not you’ll burn in Hell
To be Elect is NOT your choice, against this doctrine men rebel

Your religion doesn’t matter, “Salvation’s of the Lord” [3]
Read the Holy Bible, His Word His Twoedged Sword [4]

[1] Calvinism
[2] Rev 4:6 (Crystal Sea)
[3] Jonah 2:9
[4] Heb 4:12


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