The Maranatha Bible Society

Richard Edward Rhoades; Father of the Maranatha Bible Society and latest incarnation of Elymas Barjesus


I was once a member, a member of a sect
Oh so holy holy, God’s Word they did protect (Ha!)

But ever oh so gradually, I saw things were not right
Proclaimed such sound sound doctrine, but did they fight the Fight?

The “gospel” that they preached, was from Corinthians the first
Chapter five plus ten, in this they were immersed

Verses three and four, to this they took no heed
“According to the scriptures” they ignored in word and deed


I have a YouTube channel condemning these FARCES


2 thoughts on “The Maranatha Bible Society

  1. For Rebuttal Call:

    Dale Koller; he lives in Lynn Haven FL
    Ken Brandt; he lives in Jonesville MI
    David Doyle; he lives in Picayume MS
    Henry Dziczkowski; he lives in Bedford OH


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