Call Across The Gulf

One more dawn one more day, and so the world continues on
A day will come THE day will come, when everything is gone

Are you ready for that day, a day of Darkness Death and Gloom?
Grim Reaper comes for you, he will take you to your tomb

Your tomb will be a pile, of red-hot burning coals
Forever there you’ll burn, with all the Heathen souls

Hand and foot they’ll bind you, so you cannot get away [1]
Burning for eternity, you should have learned to pray

Call across the gulf, call to Father Abraham [2]
Ask him to send Lazarus…but he doesn’t give a damn

Not a drop of water, for your wretched ass
Your Judgment and Damnation, has finally come to pass

[1] Matt 22:13
[2] Luke 16:22~26

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