How Much Sand?


The sand is almost gone, see the hour glass
Destruction is at hand, Doom will come to pass

The warnings are so clear, but they are all ignored [1]
Death and Bane and Woe, upon this earth will soon be poured

The Wrath of God shall come, the Wicked will all die
The Righteous will rejoice, when they watch the Wicked fry

The Wicked fry in Hell, FOREVER there to burn
If you are The Righteous, the TRUTH you will then learn [2]

Read the Book of Daniel, read chapter number twelve
With the Wisdom of the Wise…into this Book now delve

Don’t you understand? I’ll tell you why that’s so
Because you are The Wicked, now to Hell you’re going to go

[1] Luke 16:29~31
[2] Dan 12:10


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