The world takes another turn, the world spins around
And I stop to ponder, something so profound

Where is this world going? It’s going straight to Hell!
Doesn’t anybody care? Can’t you hear dreadful the knell?

As in the days of Noah, so it is today
We scurry to and fro…never stop to pray

God Almighty saved eight souls, they were safe inside the Ark
Only Noah and his sons, to God’s warning did they hark

By water was the Wrath of God, poured on Noah’s world
Upon that wicked generation, those waters ever swirled

That was then and this is now, God used water just one time
God’s Wrath is turning hot…comes destruction so sublime

FIRE! God will use, to destroy the world that’s now
Lying, hate and lust and greed, God will not allow

The elements will melt, melt with fervent heat [1]
Seven years it takes, ‘fore God’s Judgment is complete

[1] 2nd Peter 3:10~12

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