Bah! Humbug!!

Kill Santa

There’s one “special” Holiday, in the shit can I will toss
The Pagan Calibration, of fricking Santa Claus

If that Fatass Bozo, down my chimney tries to come
I’ll blow his ass away, and beat it like a drum

Then I’ll shoot his Reindeer, I’ll have a jolly feast
Hey Rudolf Dancer Prancer, you will be deceased

All the Queerass little elves, I’ll blow away as well
And that stinking slay, I will go and sell

To the North Poll I will go, with an Atom Bomb
500 megatons!! And drop it with aplomb

December 25th, from the calendar I’ll wipe
And all the goody-goody “Good Cheer”, and all the Farceass Hype

{If you are getting the notion that I don’t like Christmas, you are right! Why? I think it’s blasphemous to associate the birth of Christ with a Pagan Holiday} {AND the way it’s celebrated !!!}


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