Listen to my gospel, listen to me preach
You will be so edified, the truth I always teach

Send me money send me cash, send lots and lots of dough
My Ministry will bless you, my Ministry will grow

The more you send the more you’re blessed, send everything you got
I’ll be like Lenny Zin, I’ll buy a jet and yacht

If you don’t believe like me, you’re going straight to Hell
I’m the only one that knows the truth, and I know it oh so well

I can get you saved, today Salvation is on sale
Send $29.95, send it in the mail

For an extra $20.00, a magic donkey turd you’ll get
Show it to Saint Peter, all your sins he will forget

If you send $100, my blessing you’ll receive
It will make you rich, before tomorrow’s eve

Send to: Greggy’s Jackass Ministries, on Coosa County Road
Send only CASH, to 35010 Zip Code


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