MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN, fingers wrote this on a wall
Ancient doom from long ago…not just a cryptic scrawl

King Belshazzar he did read this…made his knees to quake
He was killed that night, now his soul does ache

Belshazzar was the king, the king of Babylon
He’s dead and burns in Hell, but his children carry on

His Daughter carries on, a verse of Scripture I now site
From the Book of Psalms, I’ll read it now forthright

The verse is number eight, the chapter one-three-seven
“Who art to be destroyed”…this Judgment comes from Heaven

Babylon the Bitch! Babylon the Whore!
The Greedy Wanton Daughter, just like Babylon before

Hello USA, look what the fingers write
TEKEL! TEKEL!! TEKEL!!! You this does indite

{Figure out what “TEKEL” means}


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